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Google Behavioral Ads Preferences: Opt-Out or Allow?

Google has made public an Ads Preferences site that includes the video below and allows you to opt-out of a cookie assigned to your browser. The cookie is assigned interest categories based on sites you’ve visited that show Google Ads. The video doesn’t say explicitly whether that includes sites showing DoubleClick display ads or just Adsense Ads or just Google search ads, or all google advertising wherever it may appear. But it’s a good bet that it considers all of them.

If you want to see what Google knows of your demographic details – what types of sites you visit and what advertising categories you belong in – visit the Ads Preferences page and be prepared for a surprise.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself whether you want to visit the Google Ads Preferences page and opt-out using the “Opt Out” button provided there or if you want to use the Google Chrome browser plug-in or the Firefox browser add-on to participate in a program that blocks ads when advertisers participate in a program launched by Google recently.

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