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TSA Song to the Tune of ‘Come Fly with Me’

Counting down to National Opt-Out Day on November 24th 2010, this great spoof video was created to the tune of the 1958 recording by Frank Sinatra called “Come Fly With Me” a tune used in the 1963 film with the same name.

Lyrics by Iowahawk

Comply with me, before you fly away
remove those shoes and I’ll take a cruise through my peek-a-boo x-ray
Comply with me, I’m your friendly TSA
Comply with me, you domestic coach class bums
If you opt out, I’ll just give a shout to my icy handed chums
Comply with me, bend over here it comes
Once I get all up there where your hair is tickle-ish
I’ll just fish – Oh I got my wish
Once I get all up there, you’ll be squirming like an eel
You may squeal, at the feel when we’re together
Proctology is such a lovely trade – I’ll show you love with my rubber glove
Try not to be afraid – I’d be a perfect gentleman if you had just obeyed
Comply with me, I’m GS-8 pay grade
Janet napolitano, she says to spread ’em wide – have you tried astroglide?
Janet Napolitano, knows that your clothes are off, head aloft
Turn it and cough when we’re together
Don’t crack wise or I’ll ruin your whole day
Please don’t frown, when I pat you down, it alerts the CIA
It’s perfectly legal practice, except at Gitmo Bay
Comply with me, I said comply, comply – obey obey obey
Check out the security risks on that one!

Tip of the hat to BoingBoing where I saw the video along with the following note:

Iowahawk wrote hilarious TSA parody lyrics for the Rat Pack standard, “Come Fly With Me,” called “Comply With Me.”… the very talented Scott Hill of Temecula CA performed Iowahawk’s version of the song for a video.

All of this good-natured fun was inspired by a brave guy named John Tyner, who refused to fly before he’d allow the TSA to grope him or use that nasty backscatter x-ray machine to take an as good as nude photo of him.

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