Friday, November 12, 2004

Privacy lost with keystroke?

Privacy lost with keystroke is a Christian Science Monitor article just out this week. The Susan Llewelyn Leach article describes a scenario where an angry driver cuts you off in traffic, that you might use public records now available online to look up the car owner by using his license plate number. Once you find the name, you can look up social security numbers, court & legal records, financial information, and it's all available in a few keystrokes from your personal computer.

This alarming scenario is only now coming into public awareness. It's been known for some time that privacy is becoming a quaint idea and that expectations of privacy are naive and silly. The information is out there. We've got to put a lid on the easy public access to personal information before this gets entirely out of hand. Television shows and movies have fed us fanciful tales everywhere from "Law & Order" to "CSI" have shown privacy invasion issues used by stalkers and killers. But what about less spectacular things like ruining someones credit or good reputation?

No-Fly lists are being compiled by Transportation Security Administration that keep even well known senators off of airplanes and we've no idea why or how that might happen. Yet it did and continues because we allow the government secrecy, but don't allow basic privacy of average citizens.

The Privacy lost with keystroke article is one of many by major media outlets, yet little is being done to solve this privacy nightmare.

Stay tuned . . .

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