Monday, November 22, 2004

State of US Privacy - International Report

State of US Privacy - International Report has been published and posted on the Privacy International Web Site. This report looks at key areas of concern to privacy advocates, including Rulings from the Supreme Court, status of The Privacy Act of 1974, FTC and consumer Privacy (longest section of this report), Internet Privacy, Electronic Surveillance, The Patriot Act, The 9-11 Commission, Surveillance and National ID, RFID (Radio Frequency ID tags). and Voting Privacy.

The above is just the US report. The introduction page to the Privacy International and EPIC Annual Global Privacy Study has links to individual country reports, a foreward, executive summary, overview, a Privacy Glossary and a links to International specific threats to privacy,Privacy Resources Worldwide page. Invaluable global view and perspective.

It's not light reading, so dedicate a few hours at the very least to reading it. Fortunately, it's all linked, annotated, cross referenced and uses all the best features of the web to make reading and research comprehensible. I'll be devoting some time to it myself and highly recommend everyone spend at least a click through and skim of at least a few of the pages of this comprehensive and exhaustive report.

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