Wednesday, December 01, 2004

FTC Do-Not-Call Phone Spam Loophole

FTC Do-Not-Call Phone Spam Loophole could be the result if the FCC allows this absurd exception to the Do-Not-Call list. It allows companies with current business relationships to call with a recorded message to spam your answering machine. I'm already receiving these calls from credit card companies with misleading messages saying, "This is a call about important personal business matter." When I call back, expecting to hear about a late bill, I get a sales pitch for a service that they are hawking and want to charge to my card!

The tactic is deceptive. Let the FTC know you are opposed to this foolishness by January 6. The link in the news story above leads to a software vendor, not the do-not-call comment line as of today, so there is no obvious way to comment except by phone to the FTC. 202-FTC-HELP (202-383-4357)

Looking over the official FTC web site for Do-Not-Call yields no clues about a comment period and only provides the automated line to register with the Do Not Call list. Although there is a complaint form, there is no way to simply voice an opinion directly to the FTC about this proposed loophole except the number above.

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