Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Phishing, Spoofing a Felony?

Phishing, Spoofing a Felony? This story in the Richmond Virginia Time Dsipatch tells of Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore and state lawmakers considering legislation that will make the internet fraud of Phishing and they hope to make their proposed law a model for the country and see it progressing to become a nationwide anti-fraud law encompassing methods of fraud to perpetrate identity theft. Personally, this is the reason I became involved in privacy issues online, because I was taken in by an online ruse to collect my private personal and financial information several years ago. That made me more vigilant and prevented further attempts to steal my identity online. As a result, I became a privacy advocate online and launched, first a privacy issues discussion list and then this web site to help others avoid that same experience. I'm very happy to see laws being passed to elevate the level of the crime to felony.

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