Thursday, January 13, 2005

Privacy Fights Battles in 2005

Privacy Fights Battles in 2005 according to this Wired News Story outlining multiple looming privacy issues to be decided by lawmakers on every level. This very thorough story from Wired News reporter Kim Zetter, quotes privacy advocates and reformers on upcoming issues.

From California dealing with state privacy issues like Financial Privacy up through National lawmakers deciding on sweeping reforms through the Patriot Act and a possible National ID in the form of driver licenses containing machine readable data on every single citizen by requiring states to issue licenses that meet the National criteria and on to International issues about requiring other countries to provide extensive personal information about all citizens issued passports and traveling to the US.

As always, a good read, but frightening when it comes to privacy protections eroding substantially during the upcoming year. The Bush administration believes it now has a mandate to enact tough laws which each deteriorate privacy protections in the name of fighting terrorism. Spooky, spooky stuff.

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