Friday, February 25, 2005

Choicepoint ID theft victims face lifetime of vigilance

ID theft victims face lifetime of vigilance after Choicepoint admitted that it had potentially lost over 145,000 American's data to identity thieves that had somehow "Legitimately" gained access to the Choicepoint database by opening business accounts with the data aggregator/reseller. Once the thieves had a so-called "legitimate account" with Choicepoint, they needed only to search the database that is open to all business customers of Choicepoint. This exposed potentially the entire available database to the crooks because they were seen as "legitimate" by Choicepoint.

This is absurd on it's face. Just because a company is able to open a Choicepoint account, does not guarantee that the company or it's representatives with access have pure motives or that they won't abuse the information they gain access to by searching Choicepoint data on consumers. Even if Choicepoint and other database marketing companies like them were to root out all existing criminals in their client roster, more would come flooding in as "legitimate" customers under additional business names or through companies the crooks may "legitimately" work for.

The fact that they are refusing to tell any of those 145,000 people anything more than it is "possible" that your name address and social security number were "compromised" is obscene and inexcusable. The fact that monstrous database companies gather information on consumers and resell it "legitimately" is a foul and grotesque distortion of "public records" which are obviously not "public" at all if held by a company that resells them.

Here's hoping that exposure of this identity theft by organized crime will make everyone aware that it was always possible to raid the database by simply "legitimately" opening a Choicepoint account. It will not become more difficult to open a Choicepoint account, so nothing will change until Equifax, and other database marketers are shut down or have strict government oversight imposed.

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