Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Digital Water Marks Thieves - And The Innocent

Digital Water Marks Thieves New technology used to track, arrest and convict British criminals may be promising if not abused by courts to claim that being present equals guilt. smaRight now this technology uses specially encoded water spray in suspension to mark criminals (or anyone present) with a spray, supposedly when the criminal lifts property from the scene of a crime. That spray is claimed to have a chemical fingerprint that is created by SmartWater to belong only to the property owner and no other.

A video at the SmartWater.com web site shows a folksy bunch of brits in dodgey neighborhoods telling how comfortable they are knowing their homes are protected by little yellow stickers that warn criminals they will be "marked" with SmartWater if they dare break in and steal anything. Another video shows the method of application of SmartWater to property with a paint brush. The solution supposedly fluoresces under a special light source and apparently cannot be removed from clothing and skin, even with severe scrubbing.

Now all is well and good if nothing is assumed beyond a person being in contact with the stolen goods when they glow under black lights. What is it that says they stole the item? If anyone touches these Smartwater coded goods, they will glow just like the owner, the thief, the fence, the pawn broker and the police chief who touches the item, no? Why does touching mean anything beyond contact with the Smartwater coated object? It will be interesting to see if this stands up in court when it reaches US criminal cases.

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