Friday, February 11, 2005

EFF Urges Congress to Vote "No" on Real ID Bill

* EFF Urges Congress to Vote "No" on Real ID Bill

Standardizing driver's licenses has long been recognizedas a bureaucratic back-door to a national ID system - the hallmark of a totalitarian state. With its required linking of databases and ability of the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish a single format forlicenses, the "Real ID Bill" (HR 418) takes us well along that road. Yet it fails even to pay lip service to civil liberties and privacy concerns.

This week, EFF joined a diverse left-right coalition of privacy and civil liberties organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the ElectonicPrivacy Information Center (EPIC), the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, and the Gun Owners of America (GOA) in sending a letter urging Congress to reject the bill.

"This bill would create a single nationwide database of every driver by forcing all states to link their DMV records, while repealing existing requirements for privacy-respecting procedures," said Lee Tien, EFF's senior privacy attorney. "It's a toxic concentration of data."

Coalition letter opposing HR 418

GOA action alert

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