Saturday, March 12, 2005

ChoicePoint Appoints Privacy Officer

ChoicePoint Appoints Carol A. DiBattiste, current deputy administrator of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration as Chief Privacy Officer of according to this linked TechWeb article.

That's just swell. Now the TSA is in charge of Choicepoint. Maybe they already had full access, since government is one of the biggest customers of data aggregation services like Choicepoint. It's not likely the new regulations being considered by lawmakers will apply to government agencies anyway.

The government will always be welcomed with open arms as wonderful clients of data aggregators since most of what they want to know about citizens is contained in those vast databases (run by private companies instead of public servants) that resemble the "Total Information Awareness" program that was smacked down by those same lawmakers who are legislating for privacy. Last year four US government agencies spent $30 million to buy commercial data from brokers, including ChoicePoint.

So put the feds inside the data aggregation companies and it is TIA all over again. Does anyone think they would accept the snubbing of the TIA idea? So even if DiBattiste quits that TSA position officially to head the Choicepoint "Privacy Office", will she use that position to protect private information or to feed data to Homeland Security, TSA, CIA, FBI spooks from her warm snuggly spot within the Choicepoint offices?

How does the public fall for this?

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