Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Identity Theft? Privacy Gumshoe

ID stolen? Call a privacy gumshoe This story was inevitable once identity theft got as prominent as it has lately. The Choicepoint debacle has illuminated the problem and the bright light of notoriety is making the mess of identity theft a profitable enterprise for those who offer to clean it up for you.

Traditional private detectives are relabeling themselves as identity theft cleaners and will fix the problem if you've been a victim, doing everything for you except the required court appearances and conversations with police. They will do this if you are willing to pay hefty fees and give them complete access to your private life.

Actually those who are providing the identity theft clean-up mentioned in this Christian Science Monitor story are actually high priced body gaurds and detectives employed only by superstar celebrities. It would likely cost more to have Gavin de Becker & Associates do identity theft clean-up than anyone but Corporate CEO's can afford. They are a California consulting firm that among other things advises celebrities and other high-risk individuals on how to "hide your identity from people who'd like to steal it."

I recommend the other source mentioned in the story if you need to clean-up an identity theft problem. Do it yourself with the help of the Privacy Rights Clearing House tip sheets. and other linked resources for ID Theft.

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