Sunday, March 13, 2005

Medical Privacy Laws Communities Adjusting

Communities adjust to medical privacy lawsaccording to this Associated Press story. But it quotes several senior citizens who seem to be more upset that the rumor mill has been shut down in small towns. Several complained that the latest admissions to the local hospital were no longer broadcast on local radio! While this practice was apparently common in small town America, it is an offensive practice that is very privacy invasive to those being admitted to the hospital. The majority of the admissions were also apparently routinely published in local papers too.

While elderly snoops lament the lack of hospital gossip, those admitees now have the option to keep the busibodies out of their health business due to the Health Insurance Privacy and Portability Act (HIPPA). Nearly all opt out of public notices when given the choice. It's pretty clear that small town America is a less chatty place now that hospitalization has become a private matter not intended for public broadcast. Those snoopy oldsters and shallow busibodies will have to be told by family members about hospitalization now. Durnit.

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