Thursday, March 31, 2005

NTIA Nixes Privacy for .US domain owners!

NTIA Nixes Privacy for .US Domain owners! according to this site operated by Bob Parsons, the owner of GoDaddy domain registrar. The site includes case studies of stalking and rape victims as well as other registrants with compelling reasons for WHOIS database privacy.

Currently when anyone registers a domain name, their information is publicly available to the world through searches of the Whois database. Godaddy and a few others offer a proxy registration service allowing a layer of protection to their personal information.

They accomplish this by registering domains through a proxy company which maintains accurate registration information on the domain owner, while providing the proxy company information in public WHOIS records - thus protecting the email, street address and phone number information of the actual domain registrant.

This site provides a petition protesting the government action, along with automated form for sending emails to your elected representatives. The National Telecommunications and Information Administration ("NTIA") at" the telecommunications and Internet arm of the Department of Commerce.

Currently this issue only affects .US domains, one-third of which are privately registered through using their proxy service.

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