Saturday, April 30, 2005

California Privacy Bill Restricts RFID

Wired News article on a California Bill to Limit RFID in state identification documents such as driver licenses, student ID cards, medical cards and employee ID cards. The bill as introduced would also outlaw the practice of "Skimming" ID cards with RFID readers used surreptitiously by bad guys seeking to either identify people without their knowledge or to clone their badges for unauthorized or nefarious uses.

I'm very happy to see this bill introduced and making progress. As is so often said, and demonstrated in major cases - "Where goes California, there goes the nation." In which case, we'd see this implemented across the US. The only holdouts would be Texas and Florida, where BushCo rules.

This bill was drafted by the ACLU of Northern California, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Thank you for that work to protect privacy and security.

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