Monday, April 25, 2005

Florida Son of Matrix by Seisint

Florida Planning Son of Matrix, supposedly to gather information on potential terrorists. The program died when it ran out of funding and many states planning to participate pulled out of the project due to concerns about privacy and civil liberties. But now Florida is reviving Matrix (Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange) and is encouraging other states to join them in the privacy destructive scheme.

It's nearly incomprehensible that this project is being revived and can be counted as proof of the value of the sales force at Seisint and Lexis/Nexis, those who can't protect the data they already have and want to build even bigger databases as targets to hackers and identity thieves. Great idea.

Then Seisint can promote Matrix to all fifty states so that we have a defacto Total Information Awareness System like the one that was defeated by Congress. But it will be controlled by a commercial company that will then act in the interest of profit, rather than security and safety. Great idea.

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