Friday, April 29, 2005

ID Stolen? You Cannot Fly - Just who do you think you are, without ID? This USA Today story shows the first signs of why we must always have a photo ID when traveling and if you lose it to thieves or even forgetfulness, you can't even go home. You are in the airport, a pickpocket or sneaky thief steals your wallet or purse and now you have no money, no credit cards, no ID - and you can't go home again if out of town! The airlines will NOT allow you on a plane, even if you are ticketed - unless you have a police report to show them that "Proves" your photo ID was stolen. Proof that terrorism has stopped us from traveling freely within our own country. Hold on to that purse or wallet as if your life depended on it. I imagine that this problem will lead to people carrying multiple photo ID's in separate places - one in a wallet or purse and another in a pocket or briefcase. THAT will make us less secure as it allows a thief to use our ID freely while we go home using the second ID.

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