Thursday, April 21, 2005

Latest Data Losses, Hacks, Thefts

  • Boston College fund-raising computer hacked. Personal data, including Social Security Numbers of 120,000 alumni compromised.
  • California State University food service and housing computer bares SSNs of 59,000 students, faculty, and staff.
  • ChoicePoint sold private data of 145,000 people to identity theft ring.
  • Bank of America theft of data tapes containing credit card records of 1,000,000 US government employees (including Senators).
  • UC, Berkeley laptop containing SSNs of 98,000 grad students and applicants lost.
  • Tufts University server broken into exposing 106,000 alumni and donors.
  • LexisNexis databases accessed 59 times using stolen passwords, exposing 310,000 people.

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