Sunday, April 24, 2005

Privacy Dangers to Job Seekers

Privacy watchdog warns job seekers to beware according to this Security Focus story at The The issue appears to be that publicly posted resume's at job sites are mined for personal information to be sold to background check sites.

So now all job sites will no doubt lock down resumes and make certain that they are not liable to job seekers claims of losing personal information to identity thieves. Look for every site posting resumes publicly to shriek in panic and pull back to put those formerly public resumes behind encrypted and password protected sections of job sites.

Seems a rather obvious problem in hindsight. Where there is money to be made with publicly posted information, unethical bad guys will find a way to extract a buck from unsuspecting and naive job seekers (and every other person of the same ilk.)

Time to retreat from openness and honesty and move toward suspicion and alert awareness for self-protection in every possible public forum.

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posted by RealitySEO at 10:12 PM


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