Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Privacy Nuts, Chill Out -

Privacy Nuts, Chill Out - by Arik Hesseldahl. Presents a haughty attitude over privacy concerns expressed by un-named "Privacy Nuts" about Google's beta test of "My Search History" in which Google saves searches you've made once you sign up for the service. I'm bothered by Hesseldahl's assumption that those advocating for privacy are "Nuts" and that all privacy advocates are extremists opposing anything at all that offers tracking or history.

He points out that Google got flack after announcements that their Gmail service would see ads based on the text of their email messages beside the emails you read on the web. As a privacy advocate myself, I have no trouble at all with either this new "My Search History" or the Gmail service showing ads beside my email.

Also, as Hesseldahl points out, Google founders base their business decisions around the motto, "Don't Be Evil" and they have so far kept to that and deserve, if not our complete trust, then at least a lack of fear.

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