Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Recording VOIP Calls Easy

VOIP Makes Recording Calls A Snap according to this Forbes magazine story. With only a couple of passing references to privacy concerns, writer David M. Ewaltf mentions how simple recording data packets is and how cheap storage of data is. He points to software that makes it easy and asks us to remember the ubiquitous "this call may be recorded for quality assurance" message you often get when speaking to support or billing at major company call centers.

So it's easy and cheap and possible with readily available software and now being discussed in the country's premier business magazine! Hmmm. Think any companies are recording every word ever said on their phone lines and archiving it for posterity? Think it's possible to link to other customer information, billing history, complaints, service calls, refund requests and generally any customer contact over a lifetime?

Think again. We'll soon see companies offering to sell us our life story transcripts before long - gathered from all business records, public records and eventually personal records. All on your very own permanent memory book that fits on the head of a pin. Tomorrow's sci-fi is not that far away. Privacy is dead and continues being battered and beaten. Ah well.

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