Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Privacy - TSA Revives CAPPS II for travelers

U.S. TSA asks for more data on travelers even after a huge data mining program called CAPPS II was dropped due to privacy concerns, the TSA is quietly launching another program to do similar things. CAPPS II was goverment speak for "Computer Assisted Passenger Prescreening System" is now being raised from the dead in a new program called "Secure Flight" that asks for only your full name and birth dates where CAPPS II required those plus home phone number and home address. Two airlines will be required to provide the full name and phone number data to TSA beginning in August. The stated reason being "for comparison with a terrorist watch list". The TSA expects to name the airlines within a week. The linked story here states that the information will NOT be REQUIRED of travelers, but their chance of being detained and added to watch lists increases dramatically if they refuse the information. All of the data the TSA is asking for is already included on most or the documents that airlines are required to see to allow boarding of planes, it just wasn't recorded and given to the TSA before. Another example of a program that is killed due to privacy concerns initially, but revived later under another name with slightly less onerous requirements.

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