Monday, May 02, 2005

States Take Spyware Action

States Take Spyware Action as Feds take too long. Anti-Spyware issues and privacy violations via secret software installed with other seemingly harmless applications is becoming a larger issue. Class action suits are being launched on behalf of consumers taken in by software that spies on their actions and routes through computer information to gather personal and financial info without their knowledge. This will very likely expand to include major corporations like internet service providers who provide so-called "support" software that monitors problems encountered by consumers while using their computers.

An application called "Motive SmartBridge" which monitors system performance, supposedly only as it relates to ISP's that provide the software has delivered popup dialog boxes on users computers asking to connect to the web to retrieve updates. Most users, not knowing what that software is doing, will click the "OK" button just to get rid of the popup. A search for "Motive SmartBridge" turns up a discussion forum loaded with posts from worried users asking, "What is this and why is it on my computer?" Further posts in forums across the web note that uninstalling the service provider "support" software will remove this secret program from computers and stop it from requesting internet access. What is not discussed in those forums is the fact that those who DO uninstall that program end up damaging their computer's Windows Registry, sometimes seriously damaging or diabling their systems.

Spyware like this is being increasingly monitored and removed by wary consumers who are becoming more careful of spyware on their home and office computers.

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