Friday, May 06, 2005

Your Identity, Open to All

Your Identity, Open to All in this story about, another public records search engine. Xeni Jardin interviews the ZabaSearch CEO Robert Zakari and chairman Nicholas Matzorkis about their public records search engine, which provides extensive data about you to anyone. Another division of their company sells additional data not available at ZabaSearch to companies, government, law enforcement and media for a fee. Chairman Matzorkis says government use of ZabaSearch is more than 20 percent, military use is a percentage of use in the low to mid teens.

Both Zakari and Matzorkis make excuses for being in the data aggregation and sales business by saying something akin to 'If we didn't do it others would' when they say, "We do not oppose new legislation. But we are not society's caretakers. We are technologists and entrepreneurs." So then it's really saying, 'It's not illegal to do this and we can make money at it, so we do!' Pretty sleazy excuse for making money off of private and personal information they've dug up from their multiple databases and vendor databases.

When confronted about the many data theft and loss incidents over the past few weeks, the pair push aside the fact that they store and use personal private information from one arm of their company (PeopleData) when they say. "ZabaSearch is not a public record broker, it is a search engine. Yes, we'll offer additional information and services for a fee, but the idea is closer to Google or Yahoo -- it's a search engine that gives results and sells ads, integrated links, other services. PeopleData sells information which is not made available on ZabaSearch.

How are you protecting that data guys and what is your plan to reimburse those exposed when YOUR database is hacked or when greedy employees sell information that they have access to as insiders?

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