Wednesday, June 22, 2005

California to close loophole in state ID theft law

California aims to close loophole in state ID theft law Wow, this is an example of how slimy businesses can be when left to the corporate lawyers interpretation of identity theft laws. California state Senator Debra Bowen told Reuters that the state assmbly has found it necessary to put together an amendment to previous laws that require data brokers and handlers to notify the public of loss of electronic data. Soooo, businesses assumed that meant that they weren't required to notify anyone of the loss of PAPER records or backup tape they lose with precisely the same information. Next they'll have to go back and make another law requiring businesses to disclose the loss of any VERBAL financial information. If that is a bit too broad, they may have to require that none of the SAME information has to be reported lost if if was SUNG to somebody. Clarity or obfuscation? Wow.

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