Thursday, June 16, 2005

Data Retention Law Means ISP Spying

Your ISP as Net watchdog is the proposal being circulated by the Federal government. Requiring Internet Service Providers to keep log files, chat transcripts, sites visited and email records for ALL customers, thus bypassing the need for government provided tracking machines or chips at service providers.

Those have included the ill fated Carnivore email monitoring box suggested by the FBI and the wildly overoptimistic concept proposed by the DARPA a few years ago called Total Information Awareness, the failed concept proposed by the Justice Department Clipper Chip to allow eavesdropping on electronic communications if illegal activity was suspected. Now there are simply passing on the responsibility for monitoring all web traffic information to the service providers - with "Data Retention Laws" that require ISP's to retain all traffic records and make them available to law inforcement.

The Federal government has a huge hunger for information and keeps prodding in all directions to establish an electronic spy network. Does anyone doubt they will (or have already) establish massive e-spying? They want SO bad to be Big Brother, but the public keeps saying no. Eventually they'll simply do it anyway and justify it all somehow when caught in the act by whistleblowers or leaks.

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