Wednesday, June 01, 2005

National ID Cards Coming Soon?

National ID Cards? have now been mandated by Congress as a last minute amendment to an emergency spending spending bill for military needs in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Politicians know how to sneak in the things they know will never be approved without serious debate and public discourse. Slide it into another bill that can't possibly be defeated and do it at the last minute.

Way to go Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wisconsin) - you win the underhanded award this week. At least it was noticed by someone and reported on. There may be a way to back it out of approval if the public truly cares about privacy.

The requirements for national ID are vague and mandate "machine readable" information that may be either magnetic stripes like those on many current state driver licenses or possibly RFID tags that require no contact to be read at a distance.

The worst part of the law is the requirement for linking of all state DMV driver license databases to each other and availablility to the Federal government. This means we effectively have a national database with thousands of entry points and thus vulnerabilities to hackers and thieves.

It's fascinating how this was snuck in the back door in the US without debate or discussion when Britain is currently in the midst of a long national debate on the same issue of National ID. Everyone points to 9-11 as the proof of necessity for a national ID card and suggest that, had this scheme been in effect back then, we would not have seen any terrorist attacks.

Will we have a national uproar or will this sneaky move pay off for big brother? Contact your state representatives to Congress and make your views known!

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