Monday, June 27, 2005

Pentagon Privacy Invasion of 16 to 25 year olds

16 to 25? Pentagon
Has Your Number, and More - New York Times
So now the Pentagon is collecting information on 16 to 25 year old Americans including sensitive SSN's, driver license info, grade point averages, email addresses and phone numbers using an outside marketing company under contract for over three years since 2002. When they "discover" they have not filed a Privacy Act Notice - two years into the illegal action in May of 2004, they wait for over another year to file that notice as required?

BeNOW Inc. of Wakefield, Mass., a marketing company that uses personal data to concentrate on customers, holds that data under contract with the Pentagon. Are those records and data secure, encrypted and stored safely to avoid another large scale data breach? Will they compensate anyone on that list if the data is compromised, lost or stolen? Are they restricted from making further use and profit from that data?

"Oops we forgot to file a Privacy Act notice and even after we figured it out, we still didn't do it. Well, now we've filed so you can go back about your business and forget about our illegal action. The information will be really valuable a few years down the road and we'll be sure to profit handsomely from that, thank you very much."

Fascinating stuff this.

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