Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Public Record Privacy

A Matter Of Public Record according to this Washington Post article in which Privacy Advocate BJ Ostergren campaigns to have social security numbers and other sensitive personal information removed from public websites, it's becoming increasingly easy to find sensitive information on you and I. Ostergren is finding the SSN's of public officials and posting them on her web site in the hopes that those politicians will legislate away, not only the posting of new public records online, but the removal of already posted public information.

She displays the SSN of Florida Governor Jeb Bush on her web site because when she found it elsewhere online, it somehow got blacked out on the public record she found online. So ... she posted it publicly on her web site because she figured we all need the same protection that Bush got. Our SSN's won't be removed from Public records, but public official's info will be? Not fair she says.

She also links to a 1980 tax lien filed against House Majority leader, Tom Delay of Texas, which shows his Social Security Number just as clearly as many other citizens records. Ostergren claims that her public posting of politicians information should alert them to the ease with which that information can be found and used for nefarious purposes and she hopes it will lead to removal of existing public records online.

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