Wednesday, June 22, 2005

US follows California on data-theft notification

(registration required to read online)U.S. follows California lead on data-theft notification according to this Sacramento (California State Capitol) newspaper story. Sacramento Bee staff writer Deb Kollars argues that if not for the California laws, that the data security breaches that have emerged in the last few months would never have come to light. I agree.

She then adds a more telling bit to her story, suggesting that the impetus for identity theft notification laws was given a surge when California lawmakers were victims themselves. Kollars wrote:

"In the spring of that year, a hacker broke into state computer files at the Stephen P. Teale Data Center in Rancho Cordova and acquired the personal information of 265,000 state employees. Among the potential victims: 120 startled state legislators.

"The data break-in occurred in early April but was not publicly reported for almost two months. The delay infuriated senators and Assembly members, including two Democratic legislators with consumer privacy on their minds."

The country can thank that hacker who hit the state employees for pushing them over the edge to pass strict data security and protection laws.

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