Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hacker Raids Air Force Personnel Database

Randolph Air Force Base was the target for a hacker seeking private data on 33,000 officers and enlisted personnel, including social security numbers, birthdays and other sensitive information. The number of people affected amounts to about half of the total number of the officers in the US Air Force. The hack was discovered over two months ago and just reported this week, supposedly to allow time to notify those affected by the data breach and conduct an internal investigation.

If we began to add up the total number of people affected by high profile data breaches over the last few months it stretches to over 50 million people. Certainly some of those overlap with multiple exposures of the same names, but if leaks, hacks, losses and thefts continue at the rate exposed just this year continues, then all Americans will be exposed to privacy invasion, identity theft and more.

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