Wednesday, August 31, 2005

IBM NORA Spookware Strip-mining Privacy Landscape

This Computerworld article disusses data mining software projects, including IBM owned NORA - Non Obvious Relationship Awareness. NORA appears to need access to vast amounts of information to collect huge amounts of data to compare. The Computerworld author calls this one of the "Coolest" database projects, and while it could serve useful to large companies subject to fraud, like casinos - and valuable to governments and public safety agencies like TSA and Homeland Security - IT IS STILL FRIGHTENING for what it means to the average citizen.

Databases of personal information are, in absolute fact, confirmed by technologies such as NORA, being merged, collated and stored with data on every single human being that comes in contact with any database owned, used or accessed by any company or government. The example listed uses of NORA turning up insider fraud in the gaming industry. British IT commentary site, goes as far as calling the IBM system "Spookware" since it is used to gather evidence for criminal cases so often.

Combine all of this with web reputation monitoring by major firms, the extensive use of blogs, articles and discussion forums to see that everything said online in blog comments or forums, email storage by Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail, and you have complete monitoring of beliefs, merged with credit history, financial information and connections available in databases everywhere.

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