Thursday, August 04, 2005

State Of Surveillance - Big Brother Technology & Privacy

The State Of Surveillance is a BusinessWeek Cover Story discussing the technology of surveillance, including biometrics, video surveillance, gait recognition systems, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems, database merging and monitoring through data aggregation providers, software defined radio snooping over cell phones and wireless networks, nanotechnology for air analyzers to monitor public spaces and other fascinating technologies - all meant for snooping, monitoring and tracking the public.

The overview of the available surveillance technology is fascinating, but the implications of the big brother uses of that technology are disturbing. One would think that all the whiz-bang goodies available to spies would only be used to monitor and stop criminals and terrorists, but the technological wonders are NOT just pointing, sniffing and analyzing evil doers, they are prodding into all of our lives.

Most surveillance goodies are so far useful only after the fact. There is discussion over how the London bombing investigation tracked terrorists by analyzing footage of surveillance cameras and tracked down known associates and traced their movements in recorded footage. AFTER the fact, and leading to few clues, but it is noted that a FAILED bombing attempt allowed the same tracking and tracing and arrests in many cases of terrorists involved in that attempted attack. So we see that if an attack FAILS, then surveillance tracking and monitoring can be successfully used to find and arrest bad guys.

Let us hope for far more failures and bungled attempts.

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