Thursday, October 20, 2005

VOIP Bugging by FBI Privacy Spooks

Furor Grows Over Internet Bugging because the FBI insists on the ability to eavesdrop on all VOIP calls through FCC CALEA rules to take effect November 14 and final compliance date of May of 2007. But the problem in the rulings comes with the requirement that Peer to Peer VOIP software applications must allow FBI eavesdropping or "Bugging" of all calls sent across both P2P and traditional phone network bridges - and here's the kicker - applications must be submitted to the FBI for approval before a single person uses the app online or on any phone network.

This will, of course, completely stifle tech innovation by preventing normal development, testing, interoperation, competition and creativity in VOIP applications. It is predicted that this absurd requirement will mess up existing VOIP, such as the biggest network, Skype, which was just purchased by eBay for a $2.6 billion. Vonage, it is predicted, will suffer nearly as much. The spooks at the FBI have it in their power here to destroy an industry. Hopefully this CALEA standard will be rescinded or at least drop the worst of the tech-development-killing requirements.

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