Thursday, December 22, 2005

Bush Ends Privacy of US Citizens Phone Calls Illegally

The linked headline above is from a December 16th New York Times Article that was apparently held by the Times for over a year before they finally published it. Bush used executive fiat to bypass the courts and allow wire taps of US citizen phone calls if one party was out of the country.

According to network television coverage of the resulting monitored calls, many calls entirely on US soil were monitored due to glitches in the ability to tell where phones were located. A Boston legal scholar consulted for Nightline claimed the Bush move was outright illegal and that he could very easily be impeached for breaking the law if anyone in Congress had the courage to pursue impeachment proceedings.

The Times article has two effects on me immediately. First, a sigh of relief that the world has now been put on notice of serious privacy breaches in the name of so-called national security - because they will surely be stopped. Second, complete shock at Bush's complete disregard for privacy and the rule of law in conducting warrantless surveillance of US citizens at home. How could he possibly have reviewed and re-approved this criminal activity by a branch of the US government over 30 times since September 11, 2001?

Extremist conservatives attempted impeachment of Bill Clinton because he lied about some oval office hanky-panky. GW Bush now deserves no less for a serious breach of law in conducting warrantless surveillance of American citizens on US soil.

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