Thursday, December 29, 2005

NSA Spy Tool: Cookies Follow Privacy Advocate

This Wired News story discusses the latest in a string of US government domestic spying scandals in which the National Security Administration (NSA) was caught handing out persistent cookies to web visitors. Privacy advocate Daniel Brandt pointed out the little computer tracking snacks to NSA staff and the Associated Press started asking questions of NSA spooks this week.

Thanks to Daniel Brandt for keeping the government honest, but I wonder who goes to the NSA web site anyway. What would one be looking for there - other than cookies?

Interestingly, NSA spokespersons say it was a goof, hidden in a software upgrade where cookies are turned on by default to persist until 2035. They fail to name that software or how it slipped by the tech who installed it - and what consequences the employee and the agency face. "It was a mistake - we didn't know!" is often pooh-poohed in court with the standard retort of, "Ignorance of the law is no excuse." Who pays and how much? It never works in traffic court to say, "Ooops, I didn't notice I was speeding officer!"

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