Thursday, December 01, 2005

Privacy & Ubiquitous Computing Implications

Privacy & Ubiquitous Computing Implications The headline linked article above leads to an ITWorldCanada article which discusses how we are moving to an increasingly networked world where objects "talk" to each other via the web and networks.

The concept has been discussed for years as a potential interconnected dream where your refrigerator knows when the milk is nearing empty or approaching the end of it's freshness date and adds milk to your automated shopping list for delivery before you even know it's needed. Washing machines "talk" to clothes to properly set water temperatures and wash cycles and whether to dry and on what setting.

These imaginings are so "Jetsons" to many until we see it in action. We're remarkably accepting of amazing technology once it is a reality. But the drawbacks to this future dream are the privacy implications - where our actions, purchases and travels are transparent to all databases which share these tiny details of our lives. Every laundry load, grocery purchase and gasoline fill-up shows in a database. Once these multiple databases are interconnected, everything we do becomes an open book to whomever has access to those databases.

Several "Law & Order" and "CSI" episodes have peripherally addressed privacy issues related to technology in our lives, but the potential for abuse of vast stores of information available on each of us will become greater as this ubiquitous computing scenario begins unfolding.

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