Monday, January 30, 2006

Big Business in Legal Electronic Discovery

E-Discovery Is Big Business according to this Wired News article, which discusses major legal sleuthing firms whose job it is to pore over electronic communications and stored computer documents for use in legal battles such as the Enron accounting scandal and other corporate litigation.

These "e-discovery services" not only mine vast data stores from corporate computer networks and crunch it for evidence of wrongdoing, but they then store that data and retain it for their clients in vast storage computers. This information trove contains employee emails, word documents and any company generated information retrieved from electronic devices involved in compliance issues or litigation.

The data is then made available online over secure networks to legal teams to review, mark up, edit into legal documents and mine for new data. Security in this arena must surely be a minefield as legal opponents and corporate cybersleuths - even hackers and internal moles - would probably like access to undermine competitors or seek insider trading information on active cases.

Data has become more valuable than could have previously been imagined. New businesses are being founded to re-mine that data for myriad purposes and store it securely. Privacy issues will emerge from within this morass of data as external emails from employees or personal documents retrieved from computers during lunchtime activity by secretaries are sucked into this data pit.

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