Thursday, January 26, 2006

ChoicePoint $15 million Fine Privacy Leak

ChoicePoint to pay $15 million over data leak according to this lnked ZDnet story. 10 Million to the FTC and $5 Million to compensate any consumers who suffered due to the loss of their social security numbers and other critical personally identifiable information that compromised their financial information or caused identity theft.

Seems a bit backwards - shouldn't consumers get more than the FTC? What does FTC do with that money? Does it go to further safeguard consumers private financial information held by data brokers? My bet is that it is funneled to government programs with budget shortfalls or even handed back to ChoicePoint once the furor has died down.

First reactions are positive toward FTC for "Sticking it to" ChoicePoint.

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posted by RealitySEO at 1:01 PM


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