Friday, January 13, 2006

National driver license law Privacy nightmare'

National uniform driver's license law is privacy 'nightmare': "An anti-terrorism law creating a national standard for all driver's licenses by 2008 isn't upsetting just civil libertarians and immigration rights activists. State motor vehicle officials nationwide who will have to carry out the Real ID Act say its authors grossly underestimated its logistical, technological and financial demands. In a comprehensive survey obtained by The Associated Press and in follow-up interviews, officials cast doubt on the states' ability to comply with the law on time and fretted that it will be a budget buster. 'It is just flat out impossible and unrealistic to meet the prescriptive provisions of this law by 2008,' Betty Serian, a deputy secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, said in an interview"

Now these are NOT privacy advocates complaining here - they are conservative middle America DOT managers and DMV officials nationwide stating flatly that the requirements are "Impossible" and "budget buster" and require updates and changes to state databases and computer systems that may bankrupt many state IT departments in the process. This is all creating a defacto national ID card in the form of a driver license - not a REAL national ID, but a back door attempt at the same. It was discussed extensively after 9/11 and dismissed by all as privacy invasive and impossible to implement more quickly than about a 10 year time frame. Now it is being mandated within three years and states are crying foul. Technology is embraced in this scenario as a savior of policy while simply requiring states to pay for systems upgrades which they cannot afford. It won't work. It can't work.

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