Friday, January 27, 2006

Phone Pecord Privacy Politics

Politicians call for better phone record privacy This excellent story touches on all the most stunning highlights of the apparent ease with which several web sites obtained phone records to sell. It appears that a firestorm of legislation was whipped up by the news about dozens of web sites which sell telephone records to all comers with $110 to spend and a phone number to trace. Rightly so.

The best news in the C|Net news story linked above are the suggestions being made by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC). Quoted from the C|Net story:

... limiting retention of records that are no longer needed for billing purposes, encrypting data stored by phone service providers, allowing customers to set passwords on their accounts, issuing notifications if any security breach occurs, and supplying "audit trails" that record whenever a customer's record is accessed.
Three cheers for EPIC! Congratulations to the politicians who finally see the concerns of their constituents about privacy, data security and public disclosure are very real and require attention and serious legislation.

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