Thursday, January 05, 2006

Privacy hackers RFID zapper

German privacy hackers develop RFID zapper Since the RFID industry tends to want to ignore privacy implications of RFID tags, privacy advocates have taken to vigilante justice in a newly developed Zapper that fries the workings of any tags included in products. RFID industry ignores privacy concerns - privacy advocates will have their way.

Some who have installed VeriChips or similar in their pets are fretting that animal thieves will now zap the tags injected in their prize-winning dogs. Even worse, many worry that shoplifters will soon be equipped with RFID zappers to prevent setting off retail store alarms.

Well, it seems that if the RFID industry had paid serious attention to privacy advocates in the first place, this wouldn't be happening at all. Make it possible (some might say mandatory) to disable tags on all purchased goods before they leave the store. Clearly - if it is possible for consumers to permanently turn off RFID tags at will, then there will be no need to take that brute force step, eh?

RFID industry wake up call here.

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