Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Google Agrees - Desktop Search Risk

Google admits Desktop security risk when using the "Search across computers" optional function within the new version 3 beta of Google Desktop Search Software as Gartner research warns corporate America that GDS presents "Unacceptable Security Risks." The program requires a user to be tech savvy to make settings adjustments to prevent compromising important data within corporate networks.

Google agrees and their solution is that corporate IT departments not allow the use of the standard version of Desktop Search, but rather require the Enterprise version to be used to allow in-house corporate security staff to make appropriate settings to protect corporate data.

No doubt we'll see headlines about corporate espionage being carried out by disgruntled employees - or even whistle blowing employees who used Google Desktop Search to prove company wrongdoing in the near future. Google has made possible all manner of corporate spying and sleuthing via their elegant PC hard drive search tool.

No doubt we'll see blunders and slip-ups first as enterprise computers are exposed to the non-enterprise version of Google Desktop Search used by unauthorized employees.

Hacking into sales force or other road warrior and traveling corporate employees laptop computers via public wifi networks in airport lounges and coffee shops near convention centers will become an interesting new activity for a new breed of corporate spy.

This news focuses on the corporate aspect of GDS software after the Electronic Frontier Foundation last week called for a boycott of the standard version of Desktop Search due to privacy implications of storing hard drive data on Google servers, required when the "Search Across Computers" function is enabled in the software.

This has all the makings of the new movie "Firewall Meltdown - Google Desktop Search!"

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