Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Identity Theft News is Overflowing

The following comes from a daily emailed alert from Google News for headlines generated by the search phrase "Identity Theft" and shows how extensive the problem is becoming. It could be that more awareness equals substantial increases in news on the topic, but the problem is real and it is generated by bad guys gravitating to an easy mark - credit card skimming or data theft from easily accessible databases, sloppy data brokers, and lack of security at points of purchase.

The fearmonger sessions: Identity Theft
CNET - San Francisco,CA,USA
... Mi5 Networks has an appliance that blocks outbound identity theft activity at the edge of a corporate network. It scans for spyware ...
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New state hot line to aid identity theft victims
Chicago Tribune - United States
ILLINOIS -- Illinois has formed a new hot line for residents to report identity
theft and take steps to repair their credit and prevent future problems, Atty. ...
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FTC, BBB continue campaign against identity theft
Phoenix Business Journal - Phoenix,AZ,USA
Halfway through National Consumer Protection Week, federal and state business
groups are desperately trying to get the word out that identitytheft remains the ...
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Identity Theft: A Big Problem in The Natural State
KATV - Little Rock,AR,USA
With identitytheft now firmly on the nation's radar, experts say hundreds of thousands of Arkansans are being too careless with their vital information.
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ID theft, the sequel
Computerworld Australia - Australia
... will release "Firewall", the latest film to focus on an issue that over the past year has come front and centre in the public's consciousness - identity theft.

ID theft suspect arrested here Police call woman a top 10 ...
Brownsville Herald - TX United States
February 8, 2006 -- A Harlingen woman serving probation for forgery and suspected of several identity theft crimes across the Rio Grande Valley was arrested ...

Identity theft ring indicted - Denver,CO,USA
Constance Matthews, 42, Matthew Sweeney, 41,
and Sean Montgomery, 29, are facing felony charges under the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act. ...
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State offers help to identity theft victims
Belleville News-Democrat - Belleville, IL,USA
News-Democrat A new identity theft hot line to assist consumers struggling with identity theft was announced Tuesday by Attorney General Lisa Madigan. ...

BBB and USPS warns about identity theft
News 14 Carolina - Raleigh,NC,USA
Now, the United States Post Office wants to help put a stop to what's known as identity theft. If you think identity theft won't happen to you, think again. ...

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