Monday, February 13, 2006

Lawful Intercept Conferences? Spooks & Spies

I learned a new term today - Lawful Intercept. It apparently is a euphemism for wiretap which applies across the full spectrum of communications, including email, computer networks, Internet Service Providers, phone companies (wired and wireless) and any other known method of communication. And they have a yearly conference for law enforcement and government and of course, those who profit from the industry. The linked headline takes you to the conference overview. I was attracted to this spook and spy conference by a press release from a company called SS8 Networks in which they promote a new partnership with another company called PenLink to offer new "Lawful Intercept" tools.

I'm certainly not surprised that these tools and companies exist, just the size of the industry for spooks and spies. Can anyone attend these conferences, stroll the show floor hearing about how to "Lawfully Intercept" any type of communications and buy the latest software and hardware available for wiretapping of any communications sources? It makes me wonder if "Lawful Intercept" companies pay much attention to whom they sell their tools.

The press release that got my attention discusses the new partnership like this:

"This partnership between SS8 Networks and Pen-Link enables us to build on Xcipio's intercept capabilities for wireless, wireline, cable, packet data, VoIP and broadband data networks with a market-leading call data, content analysis and storage platform, providing a compelling one-stop-shop for lawful intercept solutions and expertise," said Dennis Haar, president and CEO of SS8 Networks. "Coupled with our passive probe portfolio, customers now have the ability to select specific components or a complete solution from SS8. In this way, SS8 will play an even more critical role in how government agencies, local and state security organizations and international intelligence groups work with communication service providers to combat crime."
Appears to be a profitable, and large industry. I think I'll take home one of those cool new monitoring center boxes:
Pen-Link's LINCOLN(R) 2 collection server, a high-end data collection and monitoring platform that stores and tracks activity of specific targeted individuals.
Very interesting stuff. I hope they require law enforcement ID or FBI spook badges to get into this conference or purchase "Lawful Intercept" equipment and software.

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