Thursday, February 16, 2006

Privacy & Anonymity Online - Nearly Impossible

Privacy and anonymity
This long piece by Kelly Martin of SecurityFocus, looks at tools and techniques to remain anonymous online and to protect personal and financial information on your computer from prying eyes, or subpoena's. It all gets rather obscure and complex with layers of hardware, software and providers & proxy IP address anonymizers, (coffee shop wi-fi and laptops, with software protections as first choice) if one is truly insistent on remaining anonymous and secure.

The risk of losing the laptop to a thief in public places is greater than losing the data on the home computer to hackers and static IP address traces, combined with trojanware and key logger software. My belief is that it is nearly impossible to do if you want to stay sane and steer clear of paranoic mania. All the cloaking, covering, rerouting and hiding suggested by security analysts seems absurd and is certainly practiced by only a tiny fraction of web users.

I hope it never becomes necessary to be so careful in order to protect the privacy of average web users. What a nightmare scenario painted by Martin here of a shadowy world of privacy darkness. I realize it is possible to remain mostly anonymous online, but I believe I'd give up the web before I'd put such inordinate energy into protecting myself as rigorously as security experts appear to do.

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