Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Privacy, Identities Corporate Focus

Private identities become a corporate focus according to this SecurityFocus piece by Robert Lemos, which leads with reference to a Scott McNealy's RSA Security Conference keynote speech in which he took a decidedly different tone in regards to privacy than his outrageous and now famous "You have zero privacy anyway, Get over it" comment in January of 1999. McNealy was the victim of a lost laptop containing his personal information and has come to see the light of privacy victimization out of his control.

Multiple serious data breaches and blunders are recapped in this piece and a slowly dawning awareness that protecting privacy can be good business is peeking above the horizon. Other corporate leaders at the RSA security conference presented on aspects of privacy and issues related to protecting it. Microsoft announced through Bill Gates that the long awaited new operating system will contain an application called

"InfoCard, the application will be part of Internet Explorer 7 and initially act as a password vault. However, as a companies start signing agreements of trust and build federated identity systems, InfoCard could hold credentials that prove only certain attributes, Gates said.
So now corporations who we entrust with our private information are realizing that they could lose our trust, and quite easily. That makes it imperative that they find ways to stop leaks, thefts, hacks and losses of any kind in whatever ways they can possibly work out.

Hardware manufacturers, software designers, network operators, data brokers, web sites, ISP's and every link in the chain that connects them all, must find ways to help us protect, armor and lock down all private, personal, financial, medical and even just embarrassing data. It's getting interesting.

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