Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Senate Inaction on Data Privacy Bill

Inside Bay Area - Daily Review Online - Op-Ed This Diane Feinstein commentary appears in the Opinion section of the "Daily Review" of February 28. In it, she describes the problem of identity theft and how it must be battled by requiring companies which hold personal financial information on consumers to notify those whose information is compromised in any data breach.

She lists some of the well known recent cases, and then announces her introduction of legislation which requires companies to notify customers of every data breach which exposes them to potential identity theft. This comes amid a flurry of ID theft news and extensive local level lawmaking. Feinstein is taking this to the Senate for national action.

She then points to the inaction on the bill by noting that:

This bill was incorporated into a larger data privacy bill that I sponsored with Senators Arlen Specter, Patrick Leahy, and Russ Feingold, which was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee in November. We have written Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to get a commitment to bring the bill to the floor, but have not gotten a response.

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