Monday, February 20, 2006

Skype Calls Secure Against Wiretapping?

Skype could force end to wiretapping calls according to this MSNBC story. Clearly the NSA is just as aware of the inability to wiretap Skype calls as are terrorists and criminals, which is why the FBI attempted last year to force VOIP providers to route all calls through a back door tool allowing decryption. According to this current story,
Kurt Sauer, Skype's chief security officer said there are no "back doors" that could let a government bypass the encryption on a call. At the same time, he said Skype "cooperates fully with all lawful requests from relevant authorities." He would not give particulars on the type of support provided.
So while it is possible that the NSA has their own private access to Skype calls, just as they apparently have their own complete private access to AT&T calls, most callers can rest assured that those calls are not otherwise LEGALLY tapped. Only the lawbreaking NSA, through an illegal order from the Bush Administration, has access to your Skype calls if they want it. Since it is unlikely that eBay owned Skype has the cajones of Google to refuse over-reaching demands for too much information.

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