Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cell Phone Privacy Trojan?

Spy program snoops on cell phones according to this CNET story. Apparently only works on phones with the Symbian operating system - but who knows what operating system their phone uses?

The program must be installed and configured by someone, so they would need access to the phone belonging on the person they want to spy on. Apparently the information logged includes numbers called and length of calls. The program is being developed further to monitor email and text messages, according to a section of the web site called FlexiSpy, run by a company based in Bangkok Thailand called Vervata.

As phones get more complex and include PDA's and software applications, they become more susceptible to trojans, viruses and malware that may come attached to downloadable tools. Ultimately the biggest threat is that of loss of privacy until someone figures out how to hijack the number and make calls through the phone without our knowledge.

The FlexiSpy web site proudly boasts that they are working on an upgrade that will allow a third party to dial in to monitor conversations remotely without the phone owner's knowledge. It is being promoted as a way to protect children and monitor the safety of phone users, but is clearly spyware, just as the name FlexiSpy suggests.

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